Lorenzo Francesconi, aka Airone, musician since 1991, Vj since 2004.
Human since 1978, PhD in Communication Sciences since 2008.
2018 Began a collaboration with Unruh, from Einstürzende Neubauten, for his side project called “Beating the drum”.

2017 Many music video productions ( Ele Ypsis, with Giulia Perelli, Ovnisquad and many others )

2016 Award Winner as “Best Editor” at 48hours Film project, Berlin edition, with “Rewinder” Anika Films ( Rewinder prizes on Wikipedia )
2016 In Mercedes Fashion week for GEOX

2015 In BERLINALE with Barracu Riccardo with the short movie “Resistance”
2015 In BODDINALE with Vannucchi Virginia with the short movie “Enjoy Gentrification”

He’s a videomaker since 2004, here is a list of his main gigs in Videoart and LIVE visual:

-2016 GH36, Berlin. Resident artist with many video installation

–2015 Neurotitan Gallery, Berlin. ENDE NEU: “Mapping im Haus Schwarzenberg”

–2014 St. Johannes-Evangelist-Kirche, Berlin. Haute presents: “Live visuals under arches”

–2013 X Lab corrosive art farm, Berlin. LIVE performance: “Inside a Mandelbrot”

–2009 Istituto degli Innocenti, Firenze. UmaneXXImo: “Caleidoscopio vitruviano”

–2007 Nouveau Musée National, Principato di Monaco. “Installazione Merati”

–2006 Palazzo della ragione, Bergamo. Esposizione: “Oltre la ragione”


LIVE visuals
Some of the artists he worked with: Congo Natty, Dillinja, Dj Storm, Shimon, Hatcha, Roy Paci, Marta sui tubi, Solar FX, Floxytek, Sonnotek, Hallucinator, Uto Karem, Nuky, Dj Kaos, Alexander Robotnik, Joakim, Photek, BAM (Jungle Brothers),  Leeroy Thornhill (The Prodigy), Aphrodite and many, many, many more.

–2011-2018 In Berlin, Germany: Crack Bellmer Bar, M.I.C.K.S., Urban Spree, GH36, R19, Köpi, Rosis, Platoon Kunsthalle (for Video Music Berliner Awards), Madame Claude, Loophole, Bethanien;

–2008-2010 In Florence, Italy: Viper Theater, (Alternite Crew), resident VJ.
2009 MUV, sferisferio, Firenze.
–2009 Festa della creatività, Fortezza da basso, Firenze;
–2004-2008 many different location around Italy (Link, S.Salvi, Ippodromo delle cascine, Faf, Comeana Skatepark, Cpa, Ex emerson, Auditorium Flog, Tenax, Qube, in Roma, Firenze, Bologna, Pisa, Livorno, Pistoia, Prato and many private parties around Tuscany).


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